Love and growth go together.

We believe this is the essence of all that’s beautiful out there, whether it’s raising a child, helping a friend or rescuing a puppy. And it’s also valid for plants and their communities.

We named our shop Potey /ˈpɑːti/, as we tend to know everything about plant pots. And we took it further. 

Here at Potey we devoted our work to the needs of plant lovers everywhere. But more than that, we took interest and specialized in home decor, so that people who turn to us start living better lives. It took us years to get to where we are now, but since we are plant lovers ourselves, the effort was awesome and we are now happy to provide quality products and valuable support. 
We have a deep understanding of plants, gardening and plant lovers' needs. A mastery that we perfected over time through constant learning, constant experimentation and constant listening to our clients. They are the best source of inspiration for us and we treasure it dearly.

It’s why we take pride in our motto - “Grow with style”. We view growth as an ideal. For us, for the plants, for the community.

We are Potey and we design happiness for your home.